Top Recommended Coaches

A Professional Group on LinkedIn

The Top Recommended Coach Project

The Top Recommended Coaches Project was started as a way for the best coaches in the world to connect and help each other.

It started with a LinkedIn Group and now includes this website.

Our mission is a three fold: (a) to provide a directory of the best coaches in the world, (b) to connect the best coaches in the world with each other for peer support and business growth, and (c), to create educated, savvy consumers of coaching services.

We recognize there is no place anywhere on the Internet where you can see unbiased listing of the best coaches in the world and we believe that the verifiable recommendation process afforded through LinkedIn holds promise in helping the great coaches throughout the world be recognized and found.

There are any websites out there that attempt to convert the coaching client into the coach.  There are many websites out there that propagate inaccurate -- and sometimes downright false -- information about coaches and the coaching field.  There are websites out there that seek to make money -- either buy charging the coaching client to find a coach -- or by charging the coach to find a coaching client.  This site does none of these.