Top Recommended Coaches

A Professional Group on LinkedIn

More info for Coaches

This website is the external home for a professional group on LinkedIn called Top Recommended Coaches.  

Profile pages (essentially mini-websites) are free for members of this group.

To be approved for this group your must meet three qualifications:  

  1. 10+ recommendations for your current coaching practice on LinkedIn (note that this does not include recommendations you have received for other positions), 
  2. The recommendations must be independent with no evidence of being traded (i.e., you have not recommended the person who recommended you), 
  3. Each recommendation must be detailed and specific to you as a coach (generic recommendations that could apply to anyone will not be considered as part of the 10 required recommendations).

Please note that all account requests are verified. So before registering for an account, please make sure you are an approved member of Top Recommended Coaches on LinkedIn.

Once your account is approved, you will be able to complete a detailed profile, you will also be able to submit articles for publication to our site blog, Navigating the World of Coaching (coming soon).

We have endeavored to make sure each profile allows you to enter a broad array of information about yourself. including links to other coaching sites and social media.  We, are sure that we haven't covered everything (and are equally sure that the Internet changes rapidly).  Please contact us to let us know if site changes that we need to make.  And take advantage of your Profile Notes to add missing information right away.

You will also see that there is a tab for you to copy recommendations from other sites to highlight here.